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Personal Finance Advisers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are currently three groups, with the possibility of a fourth on the horizon. The following are the main types of financial advice:

People who work in direct sales

The company that offers the financial product or products employs these advisors directly. They must be certified personal financial advisors, but they can only sell you items that their employer offers. This is the kind of adviser you’ll find if you go to a high-street bank or one of the largest building societies for assistance, or if you call a big-name insurer directly.Do you want to learn more? Visit Kailua-Kona Finance Advisers .

Agents with Links

These advisors work for themselves or for a company, and they sell a small number of items. They promise not to be tied to any one company and to only market the company’s goods. They may be able to link up with a second or third company if their main linked company doesn’t work in that area.

They may, for example, have a primary tie that covers life insurance, pensions, and savings, as well as secondary links that cover income replacement insurance and private medical insurance. Tied agents must be eligible, but they can only give you advice and sell you the products of the organisation to which they are tied.

Financial Advisers who are self-employed

These personal finance advisors, also known as IFAs, are free to provide advice on any product on the market. They can select and choose from the best pension providers, various Isa companies, and other life and health insurance companies.

In principle, an IFA should look at the entire market before making a recommendation to you. In practise, most people have a list of daily favourites for specific types of company, which varies year to year. A fourth form of personal finance advisor is about to disrupt the industry. The British government was beginning to loosen the rules requiring advisors to be either tied or independent at the time of writing. It believes that a new type of advisor is needed: one with multiple connections. That is, the adviser may sign up to sell on behalf of five or six different pension funds while still doing business with ten different investment firms.


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