An Easy Definition Of Automobile Accidents lawyer


In reality, every person has a strong chance of being involved in a tragic road disaster. This is mainly due to such neglectful acts by other unruly drivers who lack discipline in abiding traffic rules and regulations on safety. Thus, these saddening incidents have become a regular view on the streets of California and all other states in the U.S. bringing enormous effects on the lives of the victims and their loved ones. On the other hand, people like us should be aware of the proper steps to do if ever we will find ourselves in the middle of an automobile accident to at least prevent further injuries and casualties among the victims, including us.
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You may then follow these actions:

1. Prevent further injuries

Transfer your automobile in a safer place wherein it may not obstruct the other passing vehicles’ path. If available, display an early warning device or yet turn on your hazard lights so that the other motorists will be aware of the accident that took place. Moreover, if you have smelled or noticed a leak in either or both of the involved vehicles’ gasoline tanks move away from the scene immediately to avoid the danger of being trapped in a possible explosion.

2. Call 911 if you are still capable

Reporting an accident is an obligation by all of us whether we are victims or not. Thus, calling 911 will enable the police and/or the paramedics to know the accident that took place and trigger them to respond accordingly.

3. Seek for medical emergency assistance

A number of accident victims tend to refuse being given first aid which further worsens the injury that they have incurred. The paramedics have the capacity of providing such treatments which are necessary in an accident scenario so as injured victims we have to submit ourselves to them.

4. Write down important accident accounts

Since evidences are very vital in having a favorable court decision, the victims or any other witnesses should take note of such information which has transpired. These include the accident location, date and time of occurrence, type of automobile involved and automobile owner and driver’s information and so as the identification of the police who responded on the scene.

5. Never admit your fault

Do not be impulsive; the police investigators may see it otherwise. Declaring your guilt even though you are not liable for the causing the crash will only hamper you from filing a claim in the future.

6. Inform your insurance provider about the accident

It is very important for your insurance company to know that you have been engaged in an accident. Doing this will ensure you of having your rights protected including claims against uninsured.

On the other hand, the accidents victims are given the rights, under the prevailing law, to file a claim case against the guilty party. This is to acquire monetary damages to cover the pains and sufferings which are endured by them including their lost wages and the cost of medical treatment. However, they are advised to employ the legal services of a qualified personal injury lawyer since the claim case requires the understanding of the law and the skills to undergo the case proceedings.