A Detailed Consider Health Effects Can Water logged Carpets


When disaster strikes and your home or office gets flooded, you end up with a flooded carpet that has been totally waterlogged and you start looking for a professional who can attend to your flooded carpet and restore it to its nearly original status.
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Depending on the type and extent of damage occurred you will need to look at options to save your carpet with minimum fuss and upheaval. There may even be times when you may be left with no option but to call in the insurance company, who will decide if the damage to your carpet is so serious that it cannot be repaired and they will payout the money to have the carpet replaced. So its also important that you check out your home insurance agent when you face the flooded carpet crises.

How to Dry Your Soaking Flooded Carpet

Carpet owners have less to worry now and would be relieved to know that with advancing techniques and equipments hitting the market, a carpet, even the one that has been totally saturated with water, can not only be saved but brought back to look like as good as new. Provided you are alert and act fast on it.

If the carpet is allowed to remain wet and soaked for too long, the result will be that the fibers in the carpet will begin to rot. Besides this, mold and mildew will start to set in. You may still be able to save your carpet, but the chances get reduced with each passing day. If you reside in hot climate area and can get the carpet out of the flooded area fast into strong direct sunlight, there is a chance that you will save your flooded carpet without too much long term damage.

Nevertheless you should keep in mind that a carpet soaked with water will weigh four or five times more than it did its original state when it was dry, and to get it outside and into the sun’s rays you will need help from other people. Don’t try to handle it all by yourself and end up with a sprain or muscle pull. And when I say this I am not trying to insert humor here. As an expert and professional flooded carpet cleaner I have known many families do it and cheap turn out to be far more expensive for them. In terms of money as well as experience.