What does Roof Maintenance Include?-Guidelines


Every week, you make decisions to preserve your assets as a member of your association board of directors or as a property manager. If your actions are unquestionably in the homeowners’ best interests, your choices will not always be wise for their investment. This is particularly true if you are prone to putting off maintenance. What does Roof Maintenance Include?

Maintenance Methodologies

Daily, Emergency, Preventive, and Deferred maintenance are the four types of maintenance that I usually teach.

Maintenance, both routine and emergency

It seems to be straightforward. Obviously, certain maintenance tasks are routine and must be completed on a daily basis. There is almost never a doubt of whether the lawn has been mowed or the pool has been washed.

The costs are predictable and affordable, and they seldom necessitate difficult decisions. Is there a need for immediate repairs? Of course, if your roof leaks, you patch it right away. When mould grows, you remove it, and when a mouse enters your attic, you trap it. Okay, that was the easy part; the next two categories always perplex even the most astute homeowners.

Preventative or Deferred Maintenance: Which is Better?

Preventative measures have been postponed. Hmmm… These two are polar opposites, if you think about it. One path is to be proactive to predict possible group failures until they happen, while the other is to suggest “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

“I know the trim wood looks bad, but why can’t we just paint it when we paint the stucco?” is a common reason for deferring essential maintenance. “We had a lot of roof leaks last year, but it’s not raining now,” says the narrator. “It’s not right that the new decks on the penthouse units should be paid for by the whole city. Let’s postpone the decision for the time being.”

When essential maintenance objects are misplaced, the financial consequences can not be apparent right away. In reality, it can offer the impression of making a wise choice. Your bank account and savings may appear fat some months after deferring the reroofing project, but a cancer is lurking over your property that will cost, in some cases, much more in increased costs due to the effects of the sun, wind, and rain. Not only will you be responsible for the higher costs of emergency repairs, but you will also be responsible for interior repairs such as mould removal and furniture damage. Then you’re back at square one, with a dilapidated roof that has been subjected to another year of moisture infiltration, causing premature wear.