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Water chemistry must be maintained and achieved in order to keep the pool water safe and clear. If algae, bacteria, and other toxins are present, the water quality will deteriorate. Chemical imbalances allow the liner walls and above-ground pool components to corrode and break down prematurely.If you’re looking for more tips, pool chemicals near me Rockford has it for you.

The water in an in-ground or above-ground pool must be kept swimmable, and this is best accomplished by using pool chemical feeders, which are effective and fast at spreading bromine or chlorine. There are three kinds of feeders: floating, in-line, and off-line. Pool feeders have their own range of advantages which help spa owners save time.


The days of mixing chemicals in big buckets and steadily pouring them into the pool are long gone. Chemical feeders for pools now come in the form of sticks, tabs, or powder that can be conveniently dispersed into the water in the correct quantities to function. This pool feeders are extremely critical in maintaining the health of your pool.

Floating Feeders – This sort of feeder is a self-contained mechanism that is easy to operate. When bromine or chlorine tablets are dissolved in the shower, the water is naturally dispensed. In-ground and above-ground pools benefit from floating feeders.


• Easy to use

• Reasonably priced

• There is no need for plumbing or cables.

Chemical Feeders in Line- Chemical feeders in line are connected to your pool’s current plumbing. The water is chemically treated as it goes into the piping system of the feeder. In-line feeders are ideal for both in-ground and above-ground ponds.

Granular Pool Shock has a minimum chlorine content of 47 percent and is used in quantities up to 75 percent. The mark on a bottle of liquid chlorine will state that it contains just 10% sodium hypochlorite (chlorine)!! This means that with each bottle you purchase, you are paying for 90% salt water. A typical granular pool shock dosage is 1 pound per 10,000 gallons of pool water. You should equate the cost of a dose of liquid shock to the cost of a dose of granular pool shock if you are already using liquid shock. You will learn that granular pool shock will save you a lot of money.

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